Who We Are

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Deployment of ROV ZEUS
Multibeam Mapping
TOWYO sled recovery
The crew working in the online room

Deep-Ocean Exploration Pioneers

Odyssey Marine Exploration has a proven track record in the exploration and development of seabed mineral deposits. The company integrates leading and developing ocean technology with one of the industry’s most experienced team’s that has the collective experience necessary to advance the science of exploration and understanding of seabed mineral resources and their environment.

As a major shareholder in three of the world's leading ocean mining pioneers, Neptune Minerals Inc., Chatham Rock Phosphate Ltd, and Oceanica Resources, Odyssey has provided technical expertise, program development and management, offshore exploration services and financial support including equity participation and financing for offshore survey and resource assessment expeditions.

Odyssey’s mineral exploration services are managed by one of the world’s most experienced teams of deep-ocean explorers and includes geologists, biologists, oceanographers, chemists, engineers and technicians that have extensive experience in the discovery and assessment of seafloor massive sulfide, phosphorite and polymetallic/manganese nodule resources in water depths ranging from shallow (<100 meters) to over 6,000 meters.

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