What We Do

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The 8-ton ROV ZEUS is prepared for launch to the seabed
Multibeam mapping of large geographic features
Hull mounted multi beam sensor

Customer Solutions

Odyssey Marine Exploration is a world leader in deep-ocean survey and resource assessment for the exploration and development of seabed mineral deposits. Odyssey’s renowned ocean exploration expertise and technology is tailored to meet the specific requirements of various mineral exploration projects. Odyssey utilizes the best of both talent and technology to drive project success from conceptual stages to resource definition. With the ability to meet a wide range of ocean mineral exploration needs, Odyssey customizes each project development plan with a complete scope of services that includes project design, mobilization of equipment, expert personnel and project management to ensure success. Odyssey’s state-of-the-art technology packages are designed for fast and efficient mobilization. We provide flexible solutions, enabling clients to select requisite components of our assembled tools, team and technology. Solutions may encompass a suite of individual services to supplement existing operations or complete project development and/or management as required to meet objectives successfully.

Our services are underpinned by:

  • Highly motivated and talented scientific & technical personnel operating on the principal of quality science and results
  • Expandable pool of independent and responsible consultants
  • Maintained integrity of services
  • Depth of knowledge, experience and expertise incorporating liaison with industry and academic leaders in specialized fields as required
  • Capability to rapidly mobilize equipment and crew
  • Auditable systems and processes
  • Prioritization of safety


A Complete Suite of Services

Project Planning and Development
  • Desktop review & data compilation assessing mineral potential and target generation
  • Work program formulation to maximize project results
  • Project logistic planning
Offshore Program Management Survey
  • Mapping
  • Sampling
  • Oceanographic data collection and interpretation
  • Environmental assessments
  • Drilling
  • Evaluation of resource potential through strategic planning and implementation of industry-accepted sampling methods
  • Coordination of sample dispatch and scientific testing and quality assurance and quality control requirements
Research and Analysis
  • Multi-phase reporting and synthesis of program results and data as required
  • Spatial GIS and database development/management
  • Collaboration with laboratory facilities
  • Resource potential evaluation in conjunction with appropriate Qualified Persons