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Odyssey's eight ton ROV ZEUS, being lowered into the ocean
ROV ZEUS can work 24/7
The ROV Control Room

The Cutting-Edge of Deep-Ocean Mineral Exploration

Odyssey Marine Exploration is a world leader in ocean survey and resource assessment for the exploration and development of seabed mineral potential. We integrate expertise of the industry’s most experienced team of ocean explorers with leading deep-ocean technology to advance the science of ocean exploration and the discovery, understanding and assessment of seabed mineral resource potential.

Our Legacy
Odyssey's exploration motivation draws directly from our innate passion for the ocean, which serves as the foundation that our operating philosophy is built upon. It is our goal to help provide balance to the world’s need for minerals by developing scientifically-based best practices. Odyssey's ocean exploration services are conducted by highly-motivated and talented scientists, incorporating expertise of geologists, biologists, oceanographers, chemists, engineers and technicians with a proven track record for delivering impressive results in discovery, resource evaluation and environmental assessment of deep-ocean mineral resources.

Our Values
Especially at this early stage of ocean mineral development, Odyssey is keenly aware of our responsibility to help develop sound environmental practices. Odyssey abides by established, and developing, laws and regulations of the sea to conduct ourselves in a spirit of openness and collaboration. We strive to enhance and share our understanding of the ocean environment and believe that opening access to seabed resources will carry great social benefit. This exploration must be appropriately balanced with the valid social concerns associated with any new endeavour. Our approach is to utilize the best people, science and technology with transparency and to remain open to continuous innovation of the survey practices of ocean exploration.