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ROV ZEUS is lowered into the ocean
The crew prepares to launch the Deeptow sidescan
Box coring operations aboard the Dorado Discovery

Technology and Tools for Success

Odyssey has assembled a suite of tools designed to conduct a broad array of deep-ocean mineral exploration services. Our team has the ability to perform precision geophysical, geotechnical and geochemical surveys, detailed mapping, sampling, environmental assessments, drilling, and resource evaluations in water depths up to 6,000 meters. Odyssey’s ocean exploration expertise is available on a contract basis for natural resource exploration and other projects that require the tools, team and technology that we have assembled.

Research Platform
  • Features survey, geological, exploration capabilities with on board technical work areas and scientific laboratories, as well as refrigerated sample and core storage
  • Adaptability to utilize equipment, team and techniques with multiple vessels of opportunity


Multibeam Bathymetric Sonar
  • Large area survey coverage to identify key features and target areas for follow up work
  • Ship & remotely operated vehicle (ROV)-mounted multibeam systems
Water Chemistry Technology
  • Water column structure or anomalous water plume exploration utilising a range of chemical and particulate sensors including nephelometer (particles), PAR (oxygen), MAPR (mini autonoumous plume recorder system), CTD (conductivity/temperature/density), and water samples (chemistry/pH) using TowYo or single cast systems
Deeptow Side Scan with Magnetometer
  • High-resolution ocean floor mapping for geological, structure and environmental (habitat) applications
ROV Visual Inspections and Sampling
  • 400 HP advanced SMD ROV system with fiber optic high-definition cameras
  • Advanced virtual tracking and ROV-mounted Reson 7125 multibeam
  • Rock, sediment, biology and water sampling capabilities
Operational Stewardship
  • Compliant with International Seabed Authority (ISA) standards
  • Successfully programs compliant to New Zealand Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) environmental standards for marine minerals exploration
  • Collaborated with NIWA and anticipate providing additional sample data from operational field work that will potentially enhance the NIWA biological database
  • Early phase ‘opportunistic’ environmental practices to maximize understanding of biophysical environment
  • Allegiance with various research groups supplying biological samples for academic research
  • Seafloor to sea-surface monitoring capabilities using the latest benthic and water column monitoring methods
Drilling and Sampling
  • Multifunctional, shallow seabed (to 6 metres) drill system with diamond, reverse circulation and vibrocoring capabilities
  • Shallow seabed coring systems including vibrocorer, multicorer, gravity- and box-coring
  • Various spot and bulk sampling options
Data Integrity Management systems
  • Standardized suite of sampling and data management protocols and systems
  • Spatial and temporal data organization and management utilizing proprietary software for capturing, managing and visualizing datasets